Involved in fine art since childhood, I was eventually drawn to jewelry by the inherent and socially interconnected meanings of personal adornment. I choose the limitations of jewelry for its distinctive opportunity. Not professional opportunity, but a personal sociopolitical opportunity. Jewelry, even artists jewelry, through its mobility and psychological accessibility/presumed familiarity invites a broad audience to a conversation grounded in empathy.

I choose the subjects, methods and materials of the jeweler which challenge my commitment and amplify the authentic voice and context of jewelry. I am thus less interested in artworks about jewelry- than in jewelry that does, what jewelry does. I consider ‘wearability’ essential to the expressive power found in its dual nature; perceived privately/personally in relation to an individual - and as an object for public display.

So, does the wearer complete the jewelry or does the jewelry complete the wearer? I suggest it is reciprocal - changed by each other they venture out into the world, to start a conversation.