If nature were to relocate, where would it go?
This group of work started with the impulse to borrow a little nature in response to our ‘relocating’ human natures…and later as an expression of sorrow and of hope.

In creating work in the 2001 geopolitical climate I didn’t have the heart to add to the challenges of our human nature. As often as we’ve chosen to adorn ourselves with symbols of our power, we also have adorned ourselves with symbols of faith, mourning, celebration, or protection from our fears. In that tradition, I chose to express our fragility and grief, and console sorrow with beauty and symbols of strength, resilience and hope.

Kryptonite and Naturis Fragilus
glass beads, 14k wg,copper, champagne diamonds, 18kg,epoxy
'Eye of the Storm'
925ag,14k au,syn.aquamarine
glass beads, synthetic aquamarines, 925 ag, stainless steel
clear glass beads, 18kwg,champagne diamonds
Fluvial in presentation 'window' frame
window-ink jet, wood, paint